River Boat Tours

Lean back in your hammock and shut your eyes as the steam whistle echoes in harmony with the howls of monkeys and screeches of the macaws. Look over the bow and watch the pink dolphins playing in the surf as you gracefully steam up the mightiest river on Earth on a replica of the old steam boats of the early 20th century. You can experience the same feeling the rubber barons felt in 1906 as you observe the fauna and wildlife of the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve and the Yavari River, home to the most diverse wildlife found in the Amazon rainforest.


These relics from the past are almost 70 feet long, with three decks and a steel hull. Accommodations include 10 cabins fitted with air conditioning, wardrobes, private bathrooms with showers. A large dining hall is used for meals, lectures and films. The bar on the upper deck has both alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages, a comfortable library stocked with classic books on the Amazon and it's history.


In The Shade of an Amazon Tree - by Cecil Villers 1926

When the End has begun and Life's lost it's fun,

Your getting old and grey;

Your money you've, you haven't a cent,

The coffin-man to pay;

Then come to the camp of the Tropical Tramp,

Where you'll be buried free,

With a small wooden cross on your grave, of course,

In the shade of an Amazon tree.


It's never too late to start a clean slate.

When things have turned out bad;

Forget all your worries, the failures and flurries,

And all  the damn trouble you've had;

Just come away South, when your down in the mouth,

To the land of the happy and free here near the line where it's f*#&*#$% ninety-nine

In the shade of an Amazon tree.


If your two step to Hell, in tow with some belle,

In civilization's charm;

And you know it can't last, as the money goes fast,

Debt gets you by the arm;

Give that belle the slip and just take a trip,

Across the briny sea;

Come to Peru, where it's always so smooth,

In the shade of an Amazon Tree.


If you don't take a wife, you're a free man for life,

To seek Adventure's thrill;

Something quite  new, where the sky's always blue,

Away from the frolic and frill;

Then make this accord, to come out abroad,

Wondrous sights to see,

And live with us bums, where the mosquito hums,

In the shade of an Amazon tree.