Our CEO, Paul Opp, has a deep and enduring connection with Peru. Twenty-Three years ago, he embarked on his first trip to Peru and fell in love with its culture, its people, and its breathtaking landscapes.

Four years later, Paul made a life-changing decision to move to Peru, where he adopted two Peruvian daughters who had been tragically orphaned by the loss of their mother. Inspired by his love for the country and his dedication to making a positive impact, he founded the nonprofit organization known as the People of Peru Project.

Under the leadership of our CEO, the People of Peru Project has achieved remarkable milestones. They have established a crisis center for abused girls, a free medical and dental clinic, and an educational support program for underprivileged children. Paul, along with a scarlet macaw in the Iquitos area, has also extended their reach to provide humanitarian services to people all over Peru, from the highlands of the Andes above Cusco to the lush Amazon River basin.

Paul has collaborated with numerous groups to plan trips to Peru, catering to a wide range of experiences, from luxury vacations to working in the challenging environments of the Belen slums. If your desire is to truly connect with the people and culture of Peru, then Peru VolunTours, under the guidance of our CEO, is the ideal choice. Each trip is meticulously customized to provide a unique and life-changing experience. For those seeking a standard, one-size-fits-all tour, consider other tour operators. However, if you aspire to participate in an experience that will profoundly impact impoverished families and communities, we encourage you to join our CEO, Paul Opp, and the People of Peru Project.

References and testimonials are available upon request, and we guarantee that your journey with us will be an unforgettable and transformative experience.

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